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What is Mentality Coaching?

Mentality Coaching is a Life, Leadership, Relationship, and Business coaching program built on the principal of creating a life where YOU get to HAVE IT ALL!

What does that even mean?

You tell me…

What would your life look like if you Had it All? Think Wealth, Health, Marriage, Family, Freedom, Travel, Business, etc…

[Insert Stories]

– My life is great… Cool! How could it be better?

– I don’t deserve it… Why the F*CK not?

– I don’t know how… What are you really afraid of?

– I don’t have the money… If your life was at stake, how would you create it?

Forget all the B.S. stories. They may feel real, but they aren’t.

How does it work?

How have you experienced coaching in your life? More than likely, it was in sports or at school. MENTALITY COACHING is a different kind of coaching: the kind of coaching that disrupts what’s comfortable, while fueling your body, mind, and heart to create results.

Results are generated by unlocking possibility.

[Insert Stories again.. See how this can work?]

Prove it to me

This isn’t for me

There’s nothing wrong with me

From a young age, society taught us the path… Go to school, get a job, find a relationship, start a family, etc.… But rarely did we ever decide to desire, dream, and actually commit to what we really, really want.

We have all at one point sacrificed what we wanted, felt, thought we could have, or even dreamt up simply to be accepted, valued, or even stay safe. We all have our own version of that. That story is bullshit, and it’s time to put it to rest for good.

Do I need to give up on what I have today?!? Absolutely not!

I still don’t get it… How does it work?

We coach once a week, cultivating an environment in partnership where we design your life and always have our eye on how to move you forward.

This includes:

  • Creating the necessary life and business plans that frame your life
  • Get your well-being and integrity on point
  • Create balance, power, and peace with your mind, body, and being
  • Building an accountability and support structure worthy of your goals…
  • Re-Inventing your relationship to support
  • Identifying, transforming, and shifting any self-induced limitations (Identify your shit)
  • Calling you out on said shit
  • Whatever else is needed

What does this all accomplish? Show me the results.

Results aren’t always typical, but then again, neither are you.

  • Dominate your goals in a fraction of the time
  • Make more money than you ever thought possible
  • Create a life of freedom, ease, joy, and power. (Add whatever else you would like!)
  • Develop a deeper love of yourself and others
  • Experience more intimacy in all relationships
  • Access vulnerability and translate it to power
  • More connection in romantic relationships. Impressive sex
  • Produce more with less stress and anxiety
  • Become a better leader
  • Start a business
  • Transition through a major life change
  • Re-ignite a marriage
  • Stop surviving and start thriving

Are you ready to start?

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How do you know you’re ready to work with me?


  • You are already a leader and want even more
  • You are committed to creating a life you love
  • You want more money
  • You want a more intimate and powerful relationship
  • You’re ready to do the work
  • You’re willing to breakthrough barriers, no longer constrained by comfort
  • You’re empowered to continue to step past the last place you stopped
  • You’re sick of repeating the same B.S. and want to change the trajectory of your life forever
  • You want to create your kingdom

What do I do next?

Step 1: Give yourself permission to be really F*CKING honest with yourself.
Step 2: On a scale of 1 to 10… Rate your life.
Step 3: If you’re less than a 10, what would make it a 10?
Step 4: How important is it for you to get that 10?
Step 5: Do nothing, Do the same shit, Do what’s comfortable, or… call me 


What’s required of me?

  1. Commit
  2. Show up
  3. Do the work
  4. Repeat

Vision. Heart. Harmony. Brilliance. Fun.

The Skinny:
What made me want to do this work? A journey to put down the ego and start leading from my heart. I have a strong passion for connecting and partnering with people, supporting their progress as they become a catalyst for change, unlocking and expanding possibilities throughout all their adventures. I bring my heart, my humor and my blue steel ridiculously good looks to every session. My expertise and instinct will help you not only expand but also plan and execute your dreams, unlock breakthroughs, and push through boundaries to achieve goals faster.

A little more about my background:
I bring to the table 15+ years of integrated start-up experience and expertise in business and technical operations, management, leadership, and customer experience across multiple industries. Into my transition, I followed my passion of music, pivoted careers, and stepped away from my stress-stricken day job into something that was more fulfilling. I am a music producer, songwriter, and coach who provides life shifting transformations, career focus, and project support for individuals and executives. I’m passionate about motivating and supporting my clients through their own transitions and toward their ambitions.

— Jeff Zacharski, M.S.
CEO & Coach, Mentality Coaching

Jeff led me to an understanding of how historical conflicts with my family and past intimate relationships tend to hinder me at times. I am not usually a fan of talking with others about myself, but this experience was incredibly beneficial and eye-opening for my understanding of how others feel about their interactions with me. His guidance, input, and direction is what so many of us need as we move through the responsibilities and conflicts we often become “stuck” on.


Crazy how most of the problems we have with other people are really just problems we have with ourselves if reflected back a lot of times. So many automatic things run our lives we don’t even see. One huge value I’ve learned through life coaching with my friend Jeff (who I highly recommend working with btw) is being able to understand my own coping mechanisms and being able to use them to my advantage instead of my downfall.


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